Jordan was born the fifth of six children to Tony and Linda Scribner, on July 22, 1993. He was a 9 lb. little pumpkin with an orange glow about his head.  He was so sweet, he was called sweetie Petey.  That name stuck, thus most people knew him as Petey. He was raised a country boy, with a 5 acre yard, mom, dad, and 5 siblings.  He always stood out in the family, being the only red-head, and growing to 6'2".  He was a very active kid, involved in every sport offered to him, since T-ball.  In high school he participated in track and basketball, and his beloved football, playing in the state championship game all four years on the day after Thanksgiving.  He owned one state championship ring, which was his prized possession.  After high school he started going to Parkland College to study diesel mechanics.  He landed a job as cook at Denny's and absolutely loved it.  He ultimately made some bad choices and was taken from his family all too soon at the age of 20, by an overdose of heroin, on February 17, 2014.  


Our Background